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Monday, June 27, 2011

i miss you babe

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  • indianabacklog
    04-07 09:53 AM
    From a logical perspective how many people arrive on flights which just happen to arrive during regular business hours so employers can be contacted?? Even if you do arrive in the middle of the day the chances are the phone would not be manned at that precise moment the POE officer chooses to call.

    If there would be any doubt the POE officer would pass the individual onto secondary inspection for them to take care of things.

    Another observation, why are H1B holders in line in front of green card holders. Did the green card holders just happen to want to join the long line or did the visa holder decide they could go in the short line at immigration?

    Just some thoughts after reading these sort of posts.

    Another one, how on earth does an employer know that there is a US citizen that could do the job spontaneously when the POE officer just happened to call them???

    Until I see a real story that can be verified I doubt what I am reading is true.

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  • tapukakababa
    07-18 12:12 PM
    hi tapukakababa, can you please provide me with a number for USCIS nebraska SC. I would like to talk to them as well.

    I called at the same number you provided all of us in your earlier posts

    1-800-375-5283, with ext 1,2,3,6

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  • desi485
    03-15 11:11 PM
    I agree with you completely ! I wish and pray Interfilers and labor substitution applicants rot in hell.

    You are a frustrated fool.

    I have a friend who despite eligible for eb2, his employer filed in eb3 without his knowledge. He only came to know about this after 3 years after his labor got approved and got I-140 approved. The employer didn't provide him any papers for labor cert but somehow he got hold of his I-140 notice approval. He changed his job now and filed eb2 with new employer. I see no reason why he should not do interfile.

    You are frustrated because of retrogression. Why don't you curse others, not those little less fortunate, from so called retrogressed countries? I have seen people in my organization coming from ROW countries and getting complete GC in less than 15 months. You should really get frustrated with country quota, not with your fellow sufferers.

    think before you act like a fool. Say honestly that you never tried any legally available shortcut in your life.

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  • snathan
    11-13 01:24 AM
    Did you see that whoever is crying for spillover is EB2 India. or EB3 ROW. He has his priority date pretty close to cutoff dates in bulletin. So they think by doing spillover their greencard will come few months earlier. This is a selfish thinking. IV should not help such people. They do not care about us. They only care about getting their own greencard. I will oppose this campaign and send letters against this campiagn to whoever you are sending. This campiagn does no help to EB3 India. I am sure many EB2 ROW will oppose you and send letters against your letters. You are trying to delay EB2 ROW greencards by taking from their quota. Even Chinese will oppose you because there are too many Indians blocking the system for everyone.

    IV should spend money for EB3 India rather then EB2 India who are already in advantage.

    Please first donate before demanding IV to spend for you.


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  • Saburi
    03-09 03:25 PM
    Hello Friends:

    As i was expecting, this happened exactly like that its nothing to be shocked of when some thing does not move for 4 months in a row for EB3 I then what do you expect to get this move so fast looking at the patern right now i think the next month and for the next 3 months atleast it will be the same dates and if we are lucky then it might move and be Dec 2001 after few months.

    My PD is Dec 2001 6th Dec 2001 to be very exact so may be after Jul 2009 my PD will be current but look at people who are EB3 I and thier PD is 2003 to 2007 forget about GC this 10 years, unless there is a big releaf given by Mr. Change (Obama) which is unlikely to happen atleast for 2 years from now as he has lot of other important issues to resolve such as terrorisim, Economy, and much more bigger issues.

    The only way we can make somebody look at us is having a big protest on the streets of Washington DC and doing some massive campaign such as writing to Obama, just imagine if every one of us writes to Obama about our pain there will be atleast 500000 letters or email he might be receiving with a big rally in Washington, this might make this look like a big problem for everybody even Mr Chnage will have to pay attention to this we are not asking for amnesty or favaouring Illegal immigration and i am sure every body will agree or atleast won't dis agree to the fact of our demands to get more visas or atleast have the recaptured visa make available for EB3 I.

    I am not a big time voluntier or have participate in any rallies so far but would not mind to do if this could resolve everybody's problem, as mentioned above my PD is Dec 2001 and would be very soon out of this atleast would not have to wait for years and years for this PD to be current but the cause of doing this is once i get my GC i will be not visiting this site more frequently, and the number people in this forum will be far lesser that what we are now, atleast 500000 people.

    If this does not sound a good advice please excuse me but if this does sounds good please if somebody can draft a letters and post it so everybody can email this to the president.

    And please do not ask me for any contribution finialcailly as i am broke and tring to recover from my debts, finally have got a secured job but since its a bad economy not getting paid much that i can contribute any dollars towards this nobel cause.

    As mentioned earlier please forgive me if this sounds too lenghty and stupid to even read this.

    Best Regards


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  • gceverywhere
    09-19 12:01 PM
    Thank you. I believe that we should register legalimmigrationvoice.org (and not .com) as we are a non-profit organization.

    Can you please get that registered as well?

    I have registered this domain. If needed, please send me PM; I can initiate the transfer process. I have already added a forwarding address to the immigrationvoice.com.

    This is my from of contribution.


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  • immigrant2007
    09-10 02:06 PM
    They can make a category current when Demand < Supply. So once all I-485s prior to 2007 are approved the monthly demand data they publish will show demand Prior to CY2011 = 200. So unless they use approved I-140 to determine demand , DOS will make the dates current(even if for 1 month). As long as USCIS uses pending I-485 data to determine demand, the July 2007 fiasco will keep on repeating every 3-4 years. The key here is to have USCIS provide the actual demand (people with approved I-140s). It was mentioned somewhere that the current USCIS database is not capable of sorting the I-140s by country of chargebility and hence the I-140 data can't be used to determine per country demand.

    If they are giving this reason of not being able to sort 140s then they are really stupid or lying

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  • Libra
    09-27 11:20 AM
    thats true, it will take a while to adjust in home country once you move back, but after a while you feel so good that you never think of leaving the country. My family forcing me to look for a job in India.


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  • downthedrain
    02-03 08:46 PM
    Guru's please check if this employment letter is enough for the above mentioned RFE....

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Re: Employment of Mr. John Doe

    This is to confirm that Mr. John Doe is currently employed in our organization as a Senior Software Engineer at the annual salary of $ x per year.

    Mr. Doe’s compensation package includes medical, dental benefits, sick leave and paid holidays.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

    Sincerely yours,

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  • CADude
    02-21 11:16 AM
    YES and YES.

    How does one "change" to EB2?. I have a PD of Oct 2003 EB3. Should i submit a new labor and if it is approved my category will be EB2 PD Oct 2003?. Should i also file another I-140?.

    Not that i want to. just out of curiosity. thanks


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  • vandanaverdia
    09-11 01:51 PM
    GC is not too close....
    September 18 is not far away...

    Come to DC and bridge the gap!!!!

    GO IV!!!!!!

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  • vin13
    02-16 11:46 AM
    I am volunteering to coordinate the collection and redemption of airline miles.

    Those who would like to donate or in need please PM me with your contact information along with a good time to reach.

    if you are donating miles, please also provide the airlines and the number of miles you wish to donate.

    I had coordinated this effort during the previous advocacy days and we were successful in helping a few individuals in securing air tickets.



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  • morchu
    07-24 11:18 AM
    There is one guy I know of mentioned that his 485 package was returned after the July 2nd update.

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  • vine93
    03-18 02:14 PM
    I booked for myself . Need sufficient miles for one person .He has participated last year too.


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  • ramus
    07-02 07:43 PM
    If you don't belive in giving fight back and feel not contributing then its okay..

    WHY funds man..Please concentrate on something else instead of working on this lawsuit. It is waste of time I think..This is my openion.

    Ask funds for some other work but not for lawsuit..

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  • Ramu25
    04-26 10:52 PM
    Can I apply for the adjustment of status by my self without the H1 - employers Notice.From L1 to H1.


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  • grinch
    03-02 08:51 AM
    Aw man guys,
    my subway is coming together! I'm currently working on bumpmapping for the walls, and I think I may know how to do it. I'll show when I'm done!

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  • chanduv23
    09-10 12:09 PM
    Are you saying that whoever is happy in their job without a GC is in a closet or jail?

    Having dealt with a lot of people, I have noticed that - most people are not happy but put up with it. They pretend to show a happy face whereas they want to jump jobs at the first possible instance.

    They are in closets due to some kind of fear or stigma. If they are all happy with their h1b and jobs why did they all cry and crib during July visa bulletin fiasco and start pounding the IV website?

    This is for those who have taken a stance against the rally for no reason. They are working against a cause that would help them.

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  • amitjoey
    03-23 10:27 AM
    There are people from northern california going to DC. Please join IV's NOR CAL group and you will get in touch with all of them

    03-19 12:07 AM
    Nixstor did explained his actions and I concur... Controversial handles should be banned... Handle "TALIBAN" was banned and same member opened new handle "TAWLIBANN" saying his name is Tawlibann Foggs...

    Anyway we should close this issue.. I do find tawlibann's posts decent and non-offensive.. Only thing is we need to practice some respect to the communitity when chosing a handle... Its just not this.. there could be potentially other offensive handles.. So I'd say there should be a step/check in registration process to monitor/regulate handles... You won't like any handle offending your religious beliefs, dis-respecting your nation or humanity itself...

    Just my 2 cents... We should stop this discussion and focus on immigration issues...
    Trying to understand why Mr. Foggs was singled out...

    May be obscene name: Humm ..much better than existing F---GC,fuckadothead, chumki, chumma, xxxx, coolhokie, ussexy, saksibaby, funkycatspangky, faaltoo and plenty ..check the member list.
    May be obscene posts: No...his posts were very decent. He pleaded his case very politely. Never lost his cool even after being banned without being told.
    May be meaning of Taliban is wrong: No, It means..someone who is seeking religious knowledge. Nothing wrong in it.
    May be bad relation with US: Humm, US may not have good relations now, that was not the case earlier in late eighties and early nineties...not too far back..;)
    May be having political cause: What about existing handles like FREE_KASHMIR, us-alien...etc
    May be reference to terrorism: Having a same name "AbstractVision" as a terrorist organization somewhere in remote part of the world doesnot make me a terrorist.
    May be religious name: Humm...not like existing jaihanuman, saibaba,saint.. .etc
    May be country specific: Hum...Jai_Hind, JisDeshMeinGangaBehthiHai etc.. more than 500 handles have meaning related to India and in Hindi, Tamil etc
    May be phone call was not received by proper person: Humm..did someone tell him to expect a call..;) Being a member doesnot to be glued to phone 24 hrs waiting for someone to call. A private message with time would have been the right way.
    May be phone no. was fake: I had my previous cell number in my profile that I used 2 years back. I corrected this evening after this interesting post. I wasn't red flagged.
    May be handle name was a distraction: If handle names are distractions, I wonder how far can we go....no offense. We have got bigger problems to deal with.
    May be incorrect details: Why would I put my correct details on the internet. Didn't someone educate me about Identity theft..;)
    May be user was unaware of unpublished nomenclature: That sounds like the case. May be admins would like to publish the pool of words they are comfortable with and that may not be distraction.

    No offense, but without letting the guy know beforehand is definitely not up to the mark. Give this guy a break.... . Lets not apply any rules retroactively....more than 80% of the handle names are ridiculous and does not seem to be coming from intelligent folks and people with exceptional abilities.

    I agree we should respect other members and names should be decent..but I do not agree that names can be regulated by forum administrators with no set rules of engagement ....so many languages in the world...one decent meaning in one country/language can be offensive somewhere else.

    What wonders me is that SO MANY easily understood obscene words in memberlist as handle were allowed by admin (F---GC,fuckadothead,xxxx,ussexy etc ) and 'Taliban' got hit by a 800 pound gurilla..;)..got banned....

    I am looking forward to a REAL issue discussion and get over this handle issue. Lets move on...

    04-29 09:44 AM
    I opened the mailbox at home this evening and to my complete surprise -- the physical card! Sudden burst of efficiency at USCIs, 6 days from approval to actual delivery of card.

    Good luck to everyone else!

    Many congratulations to you!

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